Aqiqah and sadaqah equivalent to weight of hair

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Aqiqah and sadaqah equivalent to weight of hair


The targeted gruio Is marginalized and war affected people, where they don't have proper income source to feed their entire familes wiht quality and hygiene food. Meat is one of the royal food in sri lanka which is mostly consuming by rich people. Due to high price poor people can't afford to buy So OLW team interventiin on providing Aqeeqa program subject to feed meat pacells in this selected location.

One Love Worldwide is a relief and development organisation working with the needy, poor, vulnerable and exploited communities of the world. Our vision is to provide those in need with the opportunity, dignity and hope so they can possess the tools for change in themselves, their family and their communities. One Love Worldwide supports all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, race or religion.

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