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Become an Organization

FeedingPlatform is a fundraising platform which allows UK registered charities to set up and raise funds for feeding and development projects. We ask that you agree to our terms and conditions and provide updates and feedback of the project which is shared with the relevant donors.

The advantages of becoming an organization on the platform include some the following;

Access to Global Audience

Our innovative and online presence allows you to access a global audience with your projects


you have control over the projects you carry out and how you carry them out

Streamlined approach

we’ve built technologies and apps to allow you to streamline setting up projects and providing feedback in a simple but effective manner

Pay whatever you want

We ask for a voluntary contribution to cover our costs and allow us to market for you. However, we recognise that some organizations might be uncomfortable in contributing so we allow everyone to select how much or whether they want to contribute

Fill in your details


Be a UK Charity registered with the Charity Commision

Have a UK Bank Account