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About Us

We live in a world where great things happen everyday, where amazing grassroots organizations operate and make a huge difference to the most vulnerable people’s lives. However, a lot of the time, these organization don’t have the ability to reach a wider audience and really showcase their work. The FeedingPlatform was created for exactly that reason. We believe that by creating an innovative platform and streamlined feedback processes we can help to expand the work these organization do and in turn make the world an even better place.



Head of Operations

Awais has worked for many years in developing innovative IT solutions designed to make technology work seamlessly for everyone. He hopes that FeedingPlatform can be used by people to make the experience of giving incredible.


Head of Marketing

Naeem has many years of experience in developing marketing strategies and digital campaigns for many small and medium sized business. He knows how an effective and well thought out campaign can inspire real change and he hopes that his knowledge and skillset will be able to bring many more people to giving in ways they never thought they would.